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Business Overview SD

زمان دوره: 20-30 ساعت

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Course Overview1
Master Data in Sales and Distribution3
Customer Master3-1 
Material Master3-2 
Pricing Condition Redords3-3 
Output Condition Record3-4 
Maintenance of Customer Related Excise Details3-5 
Maintenance of Excise Bond for Export under Bond3-6 
Business Process4
Sales MTO4-1 
Agent Sales4-2 
Create Return Sales Order4-3 
Exports Under Dond4-4 
Exports Under LOU4-5 
Deemed Export4-6 
Export No Bond4-7 
Cancellation of Invoice4-8 
Reversal of Post Goods Issue4-9 
Trading Sales4-10 
Creation of Debit Memo Request4-11 
Service and Spare Sales4-12 
Scrap Sales4-13 
Annual Maintenance Contract4-14 
Retrofit and Job Work Sales4-15 
Reports in Sales And Distribution5