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Course Overview1
Overview of Management Accounting3
General Tasks of Management Accounting3-1 
Overview of Management Accounting Components3-2 
Integration Within Management Accounting and with Other SAP Applications3-3 
Organization of Management Accounting4
Organizational Units Used in Accounting4-1 
Basic Data for Overhead Management Accounting4-2 
Meeting Reporting Requirements5
Analytics in Management Accounting5-1 
Planning in Management Accounting6
Introduction to Planning6-1 
Planning Options in Overhead Management Accounting6-2 
Integrated Planning Process in Management Accounting7
Integrated Planning Cycle7-1 
Integration of Activity-Based Costing7-2 
Integration Aspects of the Accounting Logic8
Postings from Other Applications8-1 
Statistical and Real Postings 8-2 
Daily Postings in Management Accounting9
Actual Postings in Overhead Management Accounting9-1 
Postings for Make-to-Stock Production9-2 
Posting Sales of Make-to-Stock Goods9-3 
Postings for Processing Make-to-Order Services9-4 
Period-End Closing Aspects of Management Accounting10
Using the Schedule Manager for Fast Close Options10-1 
Period-End Closing for Overhead Management10-2 
Period-End Closing for Product Cost Accounting10-3 
Profit Analysis in Management Accounting10-4 
Profit Analysis with Actual Costing or Transfer Prices10-5 
Reconciliation between Management Accounting and Financial Accounting11
Reconciliation Ledger11-1 
The New General Ledger Accounting11-2