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Business Overview FI

زمان دوره: 20-30 ساعت

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Course Overview1
General Ledger Accounting3
Organizational Stuctures for Financial Reporting3-1 
G/L Master Records3-2 
Accounting Transactions-Processing in the General Ledger3-3 
Account Payable4
Vendor Master Records in FI4-1 
Daily Accounting Transactions in Vendors4-2 
Business Process integration with Materials Management4-3 
Closing Operations in Vendors4-4 
Account Receivable5
AR Master Records in FI5-1 
Daily Accounting Transactions in Customers5-2 
Business Process integration with Sales Order Management5-3 
Credit Management5-4 
Closing Operations in Customers5-5 
Asset Accounting6
Maser Records in Asset Accounting6-1 
Standard Accounting Transactions in Asset Accounting6-2 
Closing Procedures in Asset Accounting6-3 
Bank Accounting7
Master Records in Bank Accounting7-1 
Business Transactions in Bank Accounting7-2 
Preparing Financial Statements8
Financial Closing in the General Ledger8-1 
Cost-of-Sales Accounting8-2 
New General Ledger Accounting8-3